1. Where are handbags and accessories made?

All OKOhandbags designs are handmade in the Bay Area, California.


2. Who makes OKOhandbags designs?

All OKOhandbags designs are hand crafted by the designer Olga Kholodenko and her team of expert leather artisans.


3. Why is delivery time on handbags 7-10 business days?

Most OKOhadnbags designs are handmade to order, so the designer and her team would like to make sure that each bag is perfectly crafted for each and every customer.


4. What is the delivery cost?

Continental US delivery is free.

Delivery cost to all other locations is calculated at the checkout.

For wholesale orders, please, contact Olga Kholodenko at olga@okohandbags.com


5. Are wholesale orders available?

Yes, we are happy to process wholesale orders on individual basis. 

Please, send your inquires at olga@okohandbags.com


6. What kind of leathers are used for OKOhandbags designs?

OKOhandbags only uses premium quality leathers trated and processed in eco-friendly ways and scouted from around the world.


7. What kind of leather is used for OKOhandbags jewelry and accessories?

To help reduce manufacturing waste only leather pieces leftover after  handbags production are used for OKO jewelry and accessories designs.


8. Does OKOhandbags work with boutiques?

Yes, we love working with boutiques.

If you are a boutique owner/buyer feel free to email your questions and inquires at olga@okohandbags.com


9. Does OKOhandbags work with fashion bloggers and influencers?

For sure! We love our fashion community!

If you'd like to collaborate with OKOhandbags, please email at olga@okohandbags.com


10. Could OKOhandbags customers be featured at OKOhandbags social media?

100% yes!  Each and every OKOhandbags customers could take a photo with any OKO designs they've purchased and email it to us.  We'd be glad to share it on our social media.


11. Does OKOhandbags do custom orders?

Yes, a veriety of order customizations is possible.  From bridal party and  corporate gifts to custom designs.  Please email your ideas and questions to olga@okohandbags.com.  We will process each inquiry on individual basis.


12. Information about One-Of-A-Kind collection.

"European Clocks" collection was created in collaboration with Natalya Biktairova and Irina Nudelman.  Natalya is an incredibly talented artist with a Masters degree in Art and fashion design. She skillfully hand pained each bag to convey the spirit of authentic old Europe incorporating vintage pocket watch facings provided by an art collector and an art critic Irina Nudelman. 

"Maple Leaf" and "Leaves Swirl" clutches bring together fashion of vintage broaches and modern hand painted art by Natalya Biktairova. Leather/denim wristlets "Japan" and "Barcelona" as well as "Cabriolet" and "Winter Branch" bags are great examples of how art and fashion perfectly complete each other and become a part of "Wearable Art" fashion movement. Due to the nature of designs and materials used for creating One-of-a-kind collection bags they can't be replicated in any way. We hope you will fill these stunning bags with wonderful memories from your travels and exciting events.