Since I was a little girl sewing machine enchanted me. I wanted to be able to press on that pedal; so, the needle would keep moving making that sound over and over again. I start creating wardrobes for my dolls.

At that time my grandfather promised me to purchase an electric sewing machine if I complete a clothing design program for teenagers. So, I did finish that program and was rewarded with a top of the line (at that time) electric sewing machine.

Later I discovered that I'm more passionate about accessories. In mid 2000’s I decided to share my designs with my family and friends; received numerous compliments on creativity of designs and craftsmanship; and, finally, decided to share them with all of you.

I hope you will find your perfect bag among my designs and will use it for many years.

Olga Kholodenko, Founder OKOHandbags

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