Olga Kholodenko

The Founder & Designer

Ever since I was a little girl, the sound of a foot operated Singer sewing machine enchanted me. I wanted to be able to press on that pedal; so, the needle would keep moving making that sound over and over again. After creating wardrobes for my dolls, I wanted to move on to real cloths. At that time my grandfather promised me to purchase an electric sewing machine if I complete a clothing design program for teenagers. That was a very” big deal” promise for some one growing up in the former USSR. So, I did finish that program and was rewarded with a top of the line (at that time) electric sewing machine.

After creating a variety of garments, I discovered that I was more passionate about accessories than clothing; so, after my family relocated from the Ukraine to San Francisco, I started to experiment with handbags.

In mid 2000’s I decided to share my designs with my family and friends; received numerous compliments on creativity of designs and craftsmanship; and, finally, decided to share them with all of you. That’s how Olga K. Originals was born.


In 2017 hard work paid off and one of the OKOhandbags design was selected as one of the finalists at the prestigious International Handbag Designer Awards in New York.




OKOhandbags was founded to create sophisticated leather handbags, jewelry and accessories with an artistic edge from the finest custom and hand picked materials and trims from around the world. To minimize environmental footprint all jewelry and accessories are made from leather remnants that otherwise would be wasted.

Each item is carefully designed and constructed with a strong emphasis on artistry, individuality and style that a modern day, vibrant, metropolitan woman values.

Every unique design that I create for OKOhandbags is very special and close to my heart. Some designs are dedicated to friends, family members and very dear people in my life, while others reflect certain memorable events.

All OKOhandbags designs are handcrafted by San Francisco Bay Area leather professionals for whom details and quality matters.

As a founder and designer for OKOhandbags, I hope you share my unique vision and passion for bags and accessories and purchase a few designs for your private collection.

Always remember: See it. Want it. Buy it. Flaunt it.

Olga Kholodenko (founder and designer for OKOhandbags).